Another new product hits the open market!

19 December 2009 by

Commercials are GREAT.

9 December 2009 by

New-Age History

9 December 2009 by

After much deliberation, historians from all over the world declared today that Marcus Garvey did, in fact, shoot the Kennedys.

In a related development, nobody has this event captured on their cell phone. Not one person. Digest that, Earth.

Today’s Weather

9 December 2009 by

Today’s Weather: Bacon-ish with some cocaine snow…

[LIVE]Breaking Story: Our field reporter, Persons McDaniel was the first on scene up in Craigview, Minnesota this morning and was able to capture the following conversation between two local experts:

Anonymous 1: “Hey Steven, did you hear? They found 2 more of those pig famine up in Craigview this morning. And the truth is they’re not even sure if they’re from around here…. because… you can’t tell.”

Anonymous 2: “Oh wow, Brock. That sounds serious. Were there any survivors?”

Anonymous 1: “No, Steven… and the weird thing is… is is is is that there weren’t even any pigs.”

The Future of Dark-Energy?

9 December 2009 by

On a related note, I recently dark-fucked Megan Fox so pulverizingly hard that she came fresh cow’s milk.